For Accountants:

CPA's, Accountants and Bookkeepers: This is a proposal that will increase your business. We have worked with Accounting firms that facilitate the purchase of investment rental properties for their clients. To enable the process, it is key to identify a team of quality partners such as a real estate and mortgage brokers. Our goal is to be

Ten Habits Of Highly Effective Real Estate Investors

Real estate has long been regarded as a sound investment. Wholesaling and property management of commercial and residential property are just a few of the ways investors can profit from real estate, but it takes a little savvy to become successful in this competitive arena. While certain universities do offer coursework and programs that specifically


1) You are more in control. Every physical real estate investment you make puts you in charge as CEO. As CEO, you are able to make improvements, cut costs (refinance your mortgage), raise rents, and market accordingly. Of course you are still at the mercy of the economic cycle, but overall you have much