For Accountants:

CPA’s, Accountants and Bookkeepers:

This is a proposal that will increase your business.

We have worked with Accounting firms that facilitate the purchase of investment rental properties for their clients.

To enable the process, it is key to identify a team of quality partners such as a real estate and mortgage brokers. Our goal is to be listed on the team. SouthCoast Properties is the Savannah area premier property management company.

We have an outstanding team of professionals, many hundreds of happy investor/owner clients and will make a great partner for you. We can suggest a real estate sales and mortgage broker for you.

  • A hypothetical scenario could be presented inexpensively via constant contact or other similar channel.

  • As you know, the tax benefits are substantial:

        • Depreciation

        • Interest

        • Insurance & Casualty Loss

        • Property Taxes

        • Independent Contractors

        • Repairs

        • Professional services

        • Refinance potential

        • 1031 Exchanges

  • You could offer an analysis for a fee of candidate properties attuned to your client with data provided by the support team.

  • Increasing client investment portfolios should add business for you as word gets around.

We are happy to discuss SouthCoast Properties involvement with you and provide any information you may require.

Best regards,

William Hendry